“Easter Cake”

Yesterday I was having trouble convincing the Boy to go to the store to buy ingredients to make my grandmother’s coconut cake for Easter dinner. He wanted to stay home and play on his pajamas, and he doesn’t like coconut, anyway, Momma. Ok…..I promise he and I can make a special no-coconut dessert. I propose Nutter Butter Rice Krispie Treats or Bunny Bait. He shot down both ideas, but insisted on combining the two into a special treat he called “Easter Cake.”

I agreed…secretly proud of his creativity and enthusiasm, but slightly concerned about the potential outcome. This morning we sent Poppa and the Girl off to do some last minute EB errands so that we could put together his special concoction.

We gathered our ingredients:

That’s Lucky Charms, marshmallows, butter, popcorn, candy melts, and sprinkles. It also helps to have aprons and Lego men helpers.

We buttered a 9×11 cake pan. By then someone was hungry and may have needed a small snack bowl of Lucky Charms. The Boy is 5, and so, so tall.


We popped a batch of popcorn on the stove and set it to the side. We melted 3 Tbsp. of butter on the stove and stirred in all but about 20 of the mini marshmallows (I was under strict orders to leave 1 for on top of the final treat). When they were completely melted we mixed in 6 cups of Lucky Charms and spread them in our buttered cake pan.


They were oooey, gooey and still a little warm when we covered that layer with popcorn and lightly pressed it down.


Next, my little helper poured the candy melts in a bowl and put them in the microwave. We nuked them in short bursts, stirring often until they were melted. This was not fun for the Boy so he started taking pictures…
Of the chocolate…



And his Lego helper…

When the chocolate was melted we splattered it over the popcorn, added our remaining marshmallows and a healthy dose of Easter sprinkles, and set it aside to cool.


Viola! Easter Cake!


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